wolfepakPettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services is ready to assist existing WolfePak users by doing joint interest billing and/or revenue accounting tasks.  JIB Accounting requires knowing your land assets, a specialty of P&P!  Understanding your and your partner’s working interest positions is key to proper billing.  Sending invoices to responsible parties is key to managing your costs when drilling and maintaining a well.  Knowing what expenses can be billed to partners is so often overlooked that some companies are unable to bill properly and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the life of a property that they could have shared with other working interest owners.  Revenue accounting is more than just receiving money.  Operators must be diligent when recording production and sale of oil, gas, and other products, distributions must be made, and all of this “in and out” has to be tracked.  Beyond the internal bookkeeping, reports to governing bodies must also be submitted.

Pettigrew & Pettigrew can also assist with imports to the system and database conversions.  As a WolfePak user with experience with other accounting systems as well as several land systems with accounting integrations, P&P’s Excel experts are ready to assist with imports and conversions from Enertia, Integra, Sherware, Petrocomp, Bolo, OGSYS, Petroware, CGI, Excalibur, Avatar, Quickbooks, Sogas, OGAS, LandPro, and more!

If you currently use WolfePak, want a service provider that uses WolfePak, need to convert data to or from WolfePak, or just need an accounting services provider that has an experienced and knowledgeable team then give us a call!

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