Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services literally “wrote the book” on Visual LandPro. Our founders, Cathaleen and Chris Pettigrew were instrumental in the program’s development and have assisted LandPro Corp in training and support since the product’s inception.


Visual LandPro, or VLP for short, is a tract-based system with a FoxPro (VFP9) back-end. It’s most notable features are its detailed data entry forms, Division Order module, and Mining industry module for coal companies. Pettigrew & Pettigrew has used every function offered by VLP to satisfy the needs of our customers, many of whom do not have VLP licenses in-house – outsourcing the analyst work to P&P while saving on licensing fees as well! Everything in Visual LandPro can be exported to Excel and further manipulated for use in custom reports, the P&P Cloud Dashboard System, and accounting systems.

Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services is able to import data from other systems or from field landmen into LandPro, enter data into Visual LandPro so that your tracts, leases, and wells are being managed expertly, provide reports both from within the system and ones customized externally, and export data out of VLP for use in accounting systems such as WolfePak. Since every analyst of the P&P staff certified as Visual LandPro proficient you know there is no company that provides better LandPro related services than Pettigrew & Pettigrew!

Pettigrew & Pettigrew also offers on-site training for Visual LandPro users. As the gold-standard of VLP data entry and management P&P is ready to get your data ready and your staff trained so that if you want to bring the project in-house you can!

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