iLandman is the most popular web software available for Landmen to use for inputting lease data and creating reports. Many companies also use iLandman to manage their landmen in the field. To get the best use out of iLandman you need some training in both general land practices and iLandman data entry.


Many land managers and decision makers prefer to have a specialist perform the iLandman data entry so that they are then able to focus on reports, maps, and making decisions about what to do next. To perform proper iLandman data entry a user must be familiar with leases, tracts, mineral ownership, contracts, and reports from both a land perspective and as relates directly to entering data into the iLandman system. Rather than taking the training themselves or paying for someone else to take the training many oil and gas companies opt to outsource the work to an already trained and experienced iLandman user to perform the data entry and even pull reports from the system, including simple PDFs and more complex spreadsheets. A good outsourcing company is able to also perform “value add” services expanding on iLandman’s abilities by not only conducting proper iLandman data entry but also continuing to keep up with the data, carrying the data management process into lease maintenance and even division order stages if needed; as well as expand on reporting capabilities with an Excel specialist and scan files to create a “digital file cabinet” of your leases, contracts, and other documents that have been entered into the iLandman system or are related to your properties in other ways.

Many individuals think that data entry is a tedious process, but accurate data entry is critical to getting the reports out of iLandman that you need. If you are considering using the iLandman system, but are not familiar with it or do not want to perform the data entry yourself consider using an outsourcing company that is experienced with this flexible and popular lease inventory system, iLandman.

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